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HEPMIL MEDIA GROUP is a network of technology driven media companies that serves to better the lives of millions in South East Asia through content that engages and entertains.

Started in 2012, SGAG is an influential platform that connects with Singaporeans on a daily basis through localised humour. SGAG reaches over 2 Million 18-34 years old Singaporeans through its 7 distribution channels.

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The platform dedicated to all things Malaysian, MGAG reaches 5.4 Million Malaysians every month, 80% of whom are 18-34 years old. MGAG is one of the fastest growing millennial centric digital platforms in Malaysia.

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Humour with a dash of Filipino flavour! PGAG connects with 15 million Filipinos every month, 79% of whom are 18-34 years old. The platform continues to grow at a breakneck pace, as it engages its audience with daily relatable content.

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Targeted at 18-34 year olds who are interested in tech, gaming and lifestyle, SGEEK is our consumer tech channel that delivers geeky goodness to South-East Asia in a timely, unique manner.

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Engage audience in an authentic manner through our personalities. SGAG cast members are available for content creation, talent appearance, event invites and hosting gigs.


The Singaporean Dream by SGAG is an interactive card game where you can sabo, complain and pay your way to be the perfect Singaporean! Launched in November 2018, it is the hottest game over Christmas and Chinese New Year.


Introducing our latest game offering for 2019 – Off Track! A strategy card game where you build MRT tracks to reach your destination, while disrupting others and throwing them off track.


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